August 12, 2006

RSS – what’s it all about? Why you need it!!

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Here’s wikipedia’s description!
This what the Nature Publishing Group says.

Many scientific journals, web sites, blogs etc. provide “news feeds” or “live feeds” of the articles on their site.
It’s a way of keeping up to date with changes on the site without going to all the trouble of logging on to the site and manually checking.
Some web browsers have this feature, I use NetNewsWire on the Mac.
It’s very easy to add sites to your reader and then it’s like having a personalized newspaper.
This web site and blog can be read from RSS feeds.

Give it a try.

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August 11, 2006

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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Well, this is the first entry… so welcome!
I’m not used to blogging, so no promises.

There seems to so much stuff out there on the Internet these days that one wonders why add to it?
Do we really need more cyberspace junk?
Do you really need another blog to read?

All I can promise is that I’ll add ONE useful snippet of bioinformatics/virus info in each post. It may be gathered from other blogs or sites… but that’s part of modern life (re-use, re-cycle, re-cover), or it may be novel (isn’t that what research is all about?).

Go look at Viral Bioinformatics-Canada.
This is a blatant plug for my site, but there’s all sort of useful bioinformatics tools there.
These will be highlighted here from time to time.
If you want a quick guide to the tools at the site… follow the News link to a series of PDFs.

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