September 1, 2006

Books on bioinformatics

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There’s a lot of choice these days if you want to learn something about bioinformatics….
People from biology or computer science are sure to find something useful here!

There’s even…. a Bioinformatics for Dummies.


Software as a Black Box….

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Why Biologists Should Not Treat Software as a Black Box….

On a similar theme to the last post.
Check out this link for a discussion by Dr. Joelle Thonnard.

EMBL-EBI’s Macromolecular Structure Database

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Somehow I managed to get signed up for the electronic version of:
OBBeC® Life Science Computing & Bioinformatics Magazine

I’m not really a big fan of electronic books and mags, but I thought I’d give it a try (beats getting a paper copy in the mail).

There’s a nice 4 page review of EMBL-EBI’s Macromolecular Structure Database (issue 12 p24).
It was easy to read on screen, and could quickly print off the review to hand around the lab.

You can subscribe to the mag here!

The issue also has a review of Leopard (the next version of OS X) and the new Apple X server smile.gif

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