August 12, 2006

Competition for EndNote?

Filed under: Science — cupton @ 11:07 pm

I’ve used Reference Manager and EndNote over the years and have the latest version of EndNote (9 for Mac).
Can’t say they’re not useful, but I came across an Ad for SENTE (Mac only), which said:
“It’s like iTunes for academic literature”

Couldn’t resist! We tried the demo and like it enough to shell out a few $$ for a single license (3 machines).
So far the reports from the bench are very favorable.

One very cool feature is that you can DRAG a file (called 1471-2105-5-96.pdf) that you downloaded from a journal onto the SENTE entry for the article and SENTE will RENAME it something sensible like author name or title, e.g. Base-By-Base single nucleotide-level analysis of whole viral genome alignments.pdf
and then file it away for you.

SENTE seems to be under very active development. There’s nice HELP docs and a forum to ask questions.

Oh… and SENTE integrates into Microsoft Word and can import EndNote databases etc.


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  1. The University of Leicester library provides access to RefWorks for users. Nice web access from anywhere and not bad to use, at least not as quirky as EndNote.

    Comment by ajcann — August 12, 2006 @ 9:39 pm

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